Simple Tricks to Take Your Restaurant to #1 Spot On Google

Do you have a restaurant, and looking for getting the number one spot? The trick is simple, get more Google reviews for your business. In simple words, the better reviews you have, the better ranking you will get on Google. Also, we all know the impact of the internet on our lives, consumers often search places online before visiting, and while they decide where they want to go, one of the most important elements for them is Google reviews.

Let say, you want to eat Italian food today, what will be the first thing you are likely to do? Google search Italian restaurants, right? The list that will appear in front of you from Google won’t only show places near you but also highest rated Italian, restaurants. And you will make the decision based on the reviews, right? Hence you might have noticed restaurants often embed Google reviews on websites.  So that even if people search for any particular restaurant, the website shows reviews and consumers can make their decision.

But for your restaurant to get a better search engine ranking, it is important that it gets more reviews. In this blog, you will learn about some of the smart tricks that you can use to get more reviews for your restaurant.

Simple Tricks To Get More Google Reviews For Your Restaurant Business

Reviews are like mouth publicity for your place. And with the ease of the internet people have easy access to reviews. Within a few clicks and they can know the consumers’ experience of any particular space, and they can make their decision. It helps businesses as well, as it helps them in establishing their credibility. But capturing more reviews can be a tiresome task, and to overcome that, we have the following tricks for you.

1. Ask For Reviews From Your Consumers

There could be chances that people might enjoy your meal or the atmosphere you provide, but writing reviews for that might not cross their minds. That is why the first step should be to ask them directly. There is no harm in asking for feedback and if your customers are enjoying their time, they won’t even mind leaving feedback.

You can provide a tab on their table itself where they can share their feedback then and there. Or you can even ask for their emails, and then send the link to their emails. While writing the email, make sure that your link works, the instructions are clear, and make it as easy as possible for them.

One of the smart tricks to motivate your consumers for reviews is by offering them incentives or rewards. For example, you can announce the reward as a discount coupon on their next visit. This can helps you in getting reviews, get more sales and at the same time might help you in increase your brand reputation.

2. Respond To All Reviews

Consumers like it when brands respond to their reviews. It makes them feel valued and also it shows that your brand cares about the customers’ reviews. All these measures eventually help you in developing a reputation. It also encourages your previous customers to visit and again and leave reviews. Whether negative or positive reviews, it is important that you respond to your reviews.

If you have positive reviews, make sure you thank them and ask them to visit again. You can even encourage them to try your new cuisines, as they have already written reviews previously, and it is more likely that they will leave more reviews for you.

And if you have negative reviews, make sure to reply to them as well. You should acknowledge the disappointment of your customers, apologize and try to rectify the issue. You can invite them again to your restaurant, offer them better service, and correct the mistake. You can also provide some discounts on their next visit.

3. Share Reviews On Different Platforms

Acknowledgment of the reviews makes consumers feel valued and when you share their reviews on different platforms, it makes them feel respected. You can share your reviews on your social media handles and flaunt the positive reviews you have received.

You also have the option to add your Google reviews to your website. Tools like social media aggregators help you to embed Google reviews on website, and also provide you with the options to personalize and moderate the feed. That means the tool not only helps you to add Google review widget but also helps in improving the overall look and feel of your website.

Whenever your consumers will read the reviews either on the website or social media platforms, it will encourage them to write reviews and enjoy the limelight on these platforms. It eventually develops a review cycle that helps you to gather more reviews.

There you have it; these are 3 smart and manageable ways to get more Google reviews for your restaurant business. But if you still think that does it worth all these efforts? The answer is – Yes!

  • It increases sales – Because we all know that, consumers read reviews before making their purchase decision. And reviews in a way affect any consumer’s purchase decision.
  • Reviews help in achieving higher organic goals – As per the studies conducted by the Moz website, online is the fifth most important parameter that determines the ranking of a business.
  • Improves your online reputation – One cannot ignore the fact that online reviews help in getting a better reputation for a brand. After all, people will be initially searching online to know gain knowledge about any particular product/service.

Ending Note

Google reviews have a huge impact on business, especially for restaurants. The tricks mentioned above help you in getting more reviews for your restaurant and eventually help you to establish your business in the market. However, you can extract more benefits from Google reviews by showcasing them on different platforms and preferable by opting to embed Google reviews on website.

So what are you waiting for?

Try these tricks now and expect a good footfall for your restaurant.

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