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10 Gift Ideas to Welcome College Students

Every year thousands of students come to all universities. There are many who put all their enthusiasm and effort to get a place that allows them to study the degree they like.

Do you already have a welcome pack to receive them? Is there a welcome party for students or activities to meet other classmates? Today we tell you some keys to succeed among young people.


How to do a welcome for students 

It is a key moment, because they will be able to get an idea of ​​what their next years will be like. Beyond parties and alcohol, we recommend setting up workshops and events where you can get to know each other and create bonds between commitments.

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First of all, a welcome letter can be the perfect option. If, in addition, you personalize it with their name, they will feel important.

Tricks and ideas

If you are already visualizing the first days of the new course, we give you some tricks and ideas to welcome students.

  • workshops

They can be with any theme, think about the degrees or courses that are taught at the University and create themes aimed at each type of student. In addition to meeting colleagues, you will get them involved in the topics they like.

  • TED-style talks

These types of talks where ideas are illustrated in a direct, clear and simple way are becoming more and more popular. In addition, as they last for a maximum of 18 minutes, they are very dynamic and many students may feel attracted to listen to a Ted talk on a topic that interests them.

  • student meetings

Have you had people among your students who are currently working on important projects? They can be one of the incentives you need to motivate in welcoming university students who still have doubts about whether they have made the right decision.

These former students can tell first-hand about their student experience and how it has helped them achieve their current goals and projects.

  • Free classes on languages, cooking…

There are many who with the new course also intend to learn or develop their hobbies. At the beginning of the course you can propose several activities and in turn they will meet other university students with the same hobbies.

welcome college students

10 Gift Ideas for College Students

After telling you some ideas to make the university welcome a success, have you thought about the details to give to students?

Pay attention to this list of gifts for university students with which you can welcome and surprise students.

ecological merchandising
  • custom backpack 

All students will need one to store their notes and laptop. In addition, if it is personalized with the university’s logo, it can be a perfect advertising object. They come in many sizes and colors and by buying them in bulk you can save a lot of money.

college welcome sports bag
  • Agenda

Yes, there are many who prefer to continue writing down their assignments and exams on paper. An agenda can be one of the useful things for college.

college welcome gifts
  • Pendrive

All students will need one. They will need to save documents to study, print, or present in class. Giving away a pen can be one of the best college gifts. As with the previous gifts on the list, you can personalize them with the university logo.

  • Headphones

 Surely throughout the course they need to listen to some audio while they study in the library. Original gifts for college students do not have to be boring. Also, it is always better to give useful things for college.

college gifts headphone cases

Design and photo credi Alex Casabò

  • college bonus

At the beginning of the course there are always many economic expenses, books, computer, notes, etc. A college voucher for photocopies or cafeteria can be one of the most surprising and appreciated gifts for students.

welcome college students bonus card
  • notebook and pen 

Previously we have already mentioned an agenda, but they will also need to take notes. What better than giving them a notebook to take their notes? They will also be personalized.

One of our favorites is, without a doubt, the notebook from the prestigious New York University.

welcome college students notepad
  • Power Bank

You will spend many hours on campus so you will surely need to charge your mobile and there is not always a plug nearby. If you are thinking of a welcome pack with some details to give to students, you can include a charger among the objects and they will surely like it.

The lexon power bank is spectacular due to its design, it is also an essential element for students.

college welcome power bank pen
  • Thermos cup of coffee

Student days can be long. If among your gifts you include a mug in which they can keep their favorite drink hot, you will be giving away useful things for the university.

It’s logic, a Spanish brand, has created the flattest bottle in the world. Not only do they have a beautiful design, but the company is very committed to projects related to the environment.

  • reusable water bottle

Being able to take your water bottle to class every day without having to buy a new one is a good idea. You will find them in all sizes and colors. Like all the gifts on this list that we propose, it can be personalized so that the gifts for future university students are striking and useful.

college welcome reusable bottle
  • Hoodie

There is no better back-to-university accessory than a stylish personalized sweatshirt made from 100% cotton.

college welcome sweatshirt
  • Umbrella 

Rainy days can be very inconvenient to move around the campus. Having an umbrella handy can be of great help. Being small in size, they can be carried in the backpack without taking up too much space.

umbrella college welcome gifts

You will have already realized that the possibilities are endless. Do you think you need a welcome pack containing several objects? Need help? At Elvermood we are specialists in choosing the best details to surprise at every special moment. At the same time that university students arrive, do new workers arrive? We tell you how to choose the  perfect Welcome pack  for them.

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