Did you know that working with your hands is good for your brain?

There are many scientific studies that advise performing manual tasks to reduce the rate of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Creation requires concentration and performing craft tasks such as; knitting, drawing, or working with wood, generates an emotional transformation that reverts to our health.

Our mood improves and the immune system is boosted.

Crafts, are they as healthy as they seem?


Crafts as a beneficial and natural alternative

We propose a practical exercise.

Grab a pencil and paper and draw meaningless doodles as you read this article.

It’s a bit difficult to draw while reading, but taking notes in a class or making graphs while talking on the phone is an exercise that focuses us on the task and helps us retain information.

The movement of our hands causes a chemical response in the brain that makes us feel great.

In the process, endorphins and serotonin are released and this prevents cortisol, the hormone associated with stress, from being secreted.

The companies, within their teambuilding, offer various workshops with activities such as knitting, modeling, sculpting, or cooking because it has been shown that it benefits employees, increases their skills, and stimulates creativity.

Caressing an object created with your hands is a rewarding experience and is one of the reasons why many companies trust the eco-phonic workshop to make their corporate gifts.

5 Benefits of manual labor

The Human Resources department of any business corporation values ​​the creativity and initiative of its employees because feeding these skills reverts the company in a transversal way.

You have already seen how our brain reacts when we are working with our hands, but we want to tell you about the 5 benefits of doing it.

  1. Improve your cognitive ability by working with the right hemisphere of your brain.
  2. Stimulates creativity and ingenuity.
  3. Relieves chronic pain.
  4. Reduces stress and helps you relax.
  5. Strengthens the immune system.

Achieving peace of mind is not a utopia and the harmony that is breathed in a craft workshop like ours is real.

At Ecophonic the atmosphere is serene (except when a large order comes in)

We stay focused on the task and take care of the small detail as we wax and polish the speakers one by one.

Give your brain a chance to relax and rest.

Being hyperconnected and receiving an excess of informational inputs, we rarely take an intellectual break, which is why it is urgent to stop the mind.

quiet down


Technology is of great help to us, but it also invites us to accommodate ourselves.

The sedentary lifestyle of 21st-century society is worrisome and it is obvious that we practice less physical activity than is necessary to maintain optimal health.

Working with wood can be a pleasant alternative that is within your reach.

Which gives you the opportunity to get away from apathy and forget about problems.

Connect your hand and brain

Psychology and neuroscience have spent decades studying the hand-brain connection and that is why it is the fundamental pillar of motor stimulation since we are born.

Kindergartens are amusement parks with all kinds of tools, colors, and shapes that increase brain plasticity through play.

However, as we become adults, we abandon the sweet habit of working with our hands and lose its enormous creative potential.

We prefer the keyboard over the pen and the food processor over the frying pan.

Through PET (proton emission) tomography, we now know how the brain behaves when we are drawing or assembling a wooden shelf.

In the brain report, signals are observed not only related to the movement of the hands but fields related to the visual or auditory area are activated.

The fingers of one hand: five cardinal points that point towards infinity. Fabrizio Caramagna.

Consumers increasingly appreciate handmade objects.

The exclusive pieces.

The birth of NEOcrafts or the coexistence of technology with crafts offers us the opportunity to recover ancestral manual labor.

The well-being produced by working with your hands

Being productive at an intellectual and manual level is essential today.

Since we are “homo”, we have made tools that have helped us evolve, however, we are neglecting what we have learned throughout evolution.

Few people are capable of solving domestic problems as simple as fixing a leaky faucet or gluing a wooden frame.

Neuroscience is clear: to facilitate brain plasticity we must look for manual activities that require cognitive effort and that are pleasurable.

Look for a manual task that has these 4 pillars: Creation, curiosity, effort, and satisfaction.

As wood artisans, at Ecophonic we want to invite you to come into contact with the noblest, most aromatic, resistant, and sustainable material.

Caressing a strip of maple, chestnut, walnut, beech, or juniper and imagining how you are going to shape the wood is a rewarding experience.

If you think you have to make a big investment to carve wood, discover the 7 essential tools with which you can start.

One last suggestion: as luthiers, we invite you to insert your mobile into the slot of an eco-phonic and let yourself be accompanied by your playlist, an audiobook, or your favorite podcast, while you work with your hands.

You won’t find such a natural sounding amplifier and you don’t need cables or power.

Do you dare to try?

*In addition to being sustainable, by purchasing an eco-phonic you are supporting Spanish neo-crafts and ecodesign. Thank you!

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